It is the fortune of the city of Firetop, built on the side of famous Firetop Mountain, that it has always been protected from the perils of the Moonstone Hills that lie beyond its walls by the fame of the insane Archmage who dwells in the halls below. That mysterious realm, the Undermountain, has always drawn would-be heroes to the city, searching for their fame or their death.

But now, the Mage some call Halaster and some call Zagor is dead, his life claimed by some unknown catastrophe. Even as his death has left a huge power vacuum in the measureless crypts under the city, it has left a physical breach in the walls. Undermountain is a realm rich with all kinds of treasure – coin, rare trade goods, knowledge and sorcerous magicks. The Archmage, in his final throes, has sent some kind of summons across the lands of Titan, bringing a chosen few to the passages of Undermountain by compelling dreams. Others are coming to claim their own slice of the pie, and others still are hoping to find refuge from the secrets in their pasts. There are also those who were kept away by dread of the Archmage, or those he kept as slaves and vassals, who are now free to roam his corridors unchecked.

With so many seeking to claim the same prize – mastery of Undermountain – conflict is surely inevitable.


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