Darkhorn was an adult Black dragon that dwelt in the depths of Khundrakar, underneath the mountain known as Stone Knife. In her lair, she was served by a small troup of Blackspawn raiders and their leader, Sarvas.

Arrogant and scheming, the dragon had long coveted a power base in Firetop. After capturing and enslaving a powerful gnomish wizard, Garduke Nomentarn, she had forced him to construct a parmanent portal between her lair and the sewers of Firetop. The exit lay just underneath the mansion of Duke Torlios Gillibran. Attracted by the presence of powerful magic in his basement, the Duke soon made contact with Darkhorn, and decided she would make a powerful ally, while the dragon felt her interests would be best served by having a spy in Firetop.

When Gillibran was displaced by Drakar, it was only a matter of time before the dragon-obsessed sorceror stumbled across the portal and met the dragon herself. Although initially impressed enough by her massive and imposing frame to offer his services in bringing her food and money, once he discovered this was an illusion maintained by a ring her pet wizard had made for her, Drakar and his companions slaughtered her Blackspawn and eventually confronted and killed Darkhorn herself, claiming her hoard and granting the permanently enslaved Garduke a peaceful death.

The bard Ellithral the Golden has composed an extremely factually inaccurate poem describing the battle between Drakar and Darkhorn, under commission from Garrett. Known as The Lay of Darkhorn, it has raised the local profile of the protagonists considerably, despite the liberties it plays with the truth.


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