Durnan, also known as ‘The Wanderer’, is a retired warrior who runs the famous Yawning Portal inn of Firetop. Once a sharp-witted fighter, more than capable of looking after himself with his skill at arms, he has now settled with his wife and young daughter, and spends his days earning a good living from his welcoming, well-kept inn.

Dour and stern, he keeps a careful eye on his patrons from behind the bar. A decent and honest man, he isn’t especially tolerant of troublemakers, and is still more than capable of settling fights in his bar quickly. Although not exactly friendly to guests, he maintains the inn scrupulously, and the excellent service and fine ale more than makes up for his somewhat grouchy demeanour.

He sees himself as a sort of guardian, though, and his retirement serves a purpose above idle rest, for the basement of his inn holds the best known and most reliable entrance to Undermountain – a physical entrance consisting of a well shaft with lift mechanism that leads to the topmost level, the Dungeon Level.

Due to recent events, however, Durnan has declared the Entry Well closed, and adventurers can no longer pay the fee of a gold piece to use the lift. Instead, Durnan has decreed that until the Dungeon Level is mapped out again, and the actual state of affairs in Undermountain following Halaster’s demise better understood, only those proving their worth will be allowed in.

Exactly why Durnan retired is not well known. Although he has clearly a good deal of wealth from his heroic youth, he is extremely retiscent about his experiences. It is known that he used to adventure with a party consisting of six other heroes – one is now his wife, one was Ellithral the Golden, and the fate of the others is not well known. What is known is that one of them was the elven wizard Moilan Morrow, the father of Stithiel, although Durnan is even more tight-lipped than usual on that subject.


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