Firetop is the name of the large and reasonably prosperous town that sits at the base of Firetop Mountain. It is a relative isolated place, although it maintains good relationships with its distant neighbours, and keeps trade caravan routes open to Stonebridge, Zengis, Warpstone and Sardath. It’s position makes it a difficult place to reach, though, as it is surrounded by the bleak Moonstone Hills on three sides and the featureless expanses of the Pagan Plains to the East.

Technically ruled by an elected public figure called the Known Lord, Firetop also has a secret council of politicians called the Secret Lords, through whom all laws and taxes are passed. This system is widely approved of by the townsfolk, who feel it helps reduce blackmail or organised crime by depriving criminals of targets to lean on. Some suspect quite the reverse, of course, but by and large Firetop is a safe and peaceful place to live.

It is guarded on all sides by a high curtain wall set with enormous sentinel statues of dwarven origin. It is thought that the original town was founded by the Melairkyn dwarves, who first founded and settled Undermountain, and there is still a thriving dwarf populace in the town, keeping to themselves in their Hearth Halls in the upper town.

The city guard are known as the Redcloaks due to their distinctive clothing, and their badge is a triangle containing a stylised fort, representing the mountain and the town. They are militia troops, competent but untested against any serious foe for many years.

The town has an extrememly strong black market, maintained by links to Skullport below. There is no formal thieves’ guild, as the various power groups that operate from Undermountain are in constant struggle to keep their best route to outside markets open, and their competition prevents any one group obtaining total power.


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