There are very few people who have escaped Fire Island, and Gareth Mordrimm is one such. A native Blacksander, he was sent there as a youth for the twin offenses of drunkenly beating and killing the favourite whore of a guard captain, and failing to have enough coin to placate the court.

The sentence had a severely sobering effect on the young man, as did meeting a man called Drover, a defrocked cleric of Heironius, who took him under his wing in the tough prison community. Drover tutored a sense of responsibility for his crimes, and Gareth swore he would turn over a new leaf if he ever got a second chance at one. Fire Island was a life sentence, though, and not a place that looked kindly on charitable folk. It wasn’t long before he managed to aggravate a gang called the Blackhand, a ring of petty criminals and smugglers who acted as an unofficial police force within the colony by standing up to a band of their thugs as they delivered what could have been a fatal beating to a sick prisoner.

The retribution he would have faced would doubtless have seen him dead, but Drover determined it was finally time to put his long-practised escape plan into action and took the young man along. Using a seasonal high tide and favourable sea currents to take their homemade raft away from the island, the pair escaped back to mainland Allansia.

They made their way to Fang and then took their separate ways. Still determined to make up somehow for his younger crimes by protecting the needy, Mordrimm mostly works as a caravan guard, wielding a spiked chain he has had forged from the shackles he used to wear as a prisoner. He has ended up recently in Firetop, where an unfortunate turn of events led him to free The Twilight Master from his imprisonment.


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