No-one knows Garrett’s full name, and he seldom discusses his past. What little is known is that he hails from Brice in the Old World, works as a tailor and is a Tiefling, touched with the blood of demons somewhere in his past.

Anyone knowing him for long will quickly see through his claims to be a peaceful maker of clothes, though, and it is rumoured he was involved with the powerful church of Vecna as a torturer.

Opinions on Garrett vary wildly. Some cannot see past his snake-like eyes and scaled face, seeing only a despicable Tielfing, and the fact that his name has been linked to various black market dealings and killings recently adds nothing to his appeal. But others point to his work liberating Khundrakar, an abandoned dwarf hold, from orcs, or his generosity with local merchants, or his actions at the town of Deng Shang and see him as a very rough diamond.

Whatever the truth, he seeks to find a new place for himself in Skullport, where his individual talents are gaining him ranks in the shadowy Agents of the Eye.


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