Great Ulfe

A shaggy ogre, The Great Ulfe was the leader of a band of orcs. They had made the upper level of Stone Knife their own, taking over the dwarven fortifications there and using them as a base for raiding operations in the local area. They would hit a farmstead here, a lone traveller there – not big or particularly successful bandits, but enough of a pest to make a wanderer wary in the area.

Ulfe also kept a pair of wolves as pets, favouring them over the orcs who served him as bodyguards. The precious animals were killed by Dorrin during one of his ventures into the ancient hold.

The fortifications thwarted many heroes in their attempts to shift the villains from their nest, but eventually, Garrett and Johan wiped the orcs out along with their leader. Ulfe was in fact slain by Dorrin’s bear, Mawg, during a well-planned ambush.

The Brindlehammer dwarves have since been planning their move back into their ancestral home.

Great Ulfe

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