Mad Pete

‘Mad’ Pete O’Breill is a card-playing follower of Olidammara. Blessed by the gifts of that capricious god, he’s a devil-may-care, likeable chancer, always happy to see new places, experience new things and steal new stuff.

A native Firetopper, he grew up an orphan, living in the Undercroft or at the soup kitchens of St Cuthbert, and knows his way round the city pretty well. He used to make a living playing Three Dragon Ante against anyone daft enough to take him on, but now hangs around with Drakar, having found a less reliable but much more rewarding source of income.

As well as being able to heal various injuries and ailments through the blessings of his god, he’s also a competent locksman, although his mind is never quite as on the job as it could be. Despite the exquisite rapier that Drakar had made for him, he’s no great fighter, preferring to sneak round the edges of a combat and strike from behind when he can.

He’s died twice so far in Drakar’s company, once being eaten by a remorhaz and once being overwhelmed by Blackspawn raiders. His resurrections by the street druid Urkula have resulted in his rebirth into various other bodies – he was an elf for a while, and is currently a lizardman, changes that he’s taken cheerfully in his stride.

Mad Pete

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