Steve Venderloit is a scout. He hails from Sardath, where he trained with their famous forest ranger corps, the Nightwatch. When he finished his years of service, he continued working in the same line of work, now aware that his expertise in the field was hard to come by and could command a high price in some markets.

He’s been working out of Firetop for some years now, either acting as an advance guard for merchant caravans or merely wandering the Moonstone Hills, looking for sites that may be of potential interest to adventurers. He’s frequently found in the Yawning Portal, where he looks for buyers or commission work.

No job is too small for him if your wallet is large enough; he’s a mercenary, and an arrogant one, aware that a niche market in the town is pretty much his. But he also has the talent to back his proud boasting up – without his work, Garrett might never have cleansed Stone Knife, and many of the richer merchants of the city swear by his work as a point man.

He favours mobility in combat, relying on his speed and agility to keep his distance and peppering targets with his bow as he moves, but he’s no slouch at close work either. His recent brush with magical enslavement at the hands of Duke Gillibran has made him more wary of accepting work, as well as pushing his prices up even higher.


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