Supposedly once a mortal man, Vecna was a wicked mage who has ascended to godhood via lichedom. During this process, he was betrayed by his trusted lieutenant, the Vampire Kas, who tried to slaughter his master during a critical part of his ascension. Although it cost Vecna his eye and his hand, the betrayal was unsucessful and cost Kas his un-life.

Vecna is now the god of secrets, lies, malice and watchfulness. The church is mostly an underground movement in Allansia, where worship of the foul god is considered counterproductive to a restful society, particularly in the lands around Salamonis. Abroad, however, in the Old World, the church is much more accepted, particularly in Brice where the priests form an infamous aristocracy who rule over a terrified populace.

The sects of the church monitor their worshippers carefully. Knowledge is power amongst the faithful, and how much knowledge one is given access to is determined by seniority and rank. Those who would seek to betray the secrets they learn are hunted down ruthlessly, often by the shapeshifting assassins known as Talons.

One of the ultimate goals of the church is thought to be the reclamation of their god’s severed hand and lost eye. These two damned artifacts are sought with the greatest zeal by all Vecnites, whether mortal followers or undead servants like the repulsive Vitreous Drinkers.

Vecna is also referred to as the Raven God, the Eye of Night, the Restless Seeker and the Maimed Shadow.


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