An Oneiromancer is one whose magic relies on the power of dreams, either for prophesy or as a source of summoned energy. Illusions based on the dreams of a person can be deadly, using deep-seated fears or passions to bring about destruction or entrapment, for example.

Dwelling in a tall house near the upper walls of Firetop, Zyrokan’s house was shuttered and seemingly empty. The furniture stood under dustsheets, and the hallways were bare and creaking. But amongst this apparent abandonment, Zyrokan lived a meditative existence, sleeping for hours and awaking for short periods of trance-like life. Some said he came from Khul, the dark continent, although when he arrived was never quite remembered.

One of many to recieve powerful dreams in the wake of the death of Zagor, the Oneiromancer knew he had to pass a message on to Garrett, that he must seek the heir, the one who should be king in Undermountain, and that he would find him in Skullport. Garrett already suspects he has found such a figure in Gyudd Melairkyn, simply by dint of his family name and its link to the founders of the under-realm.

Zyrokan was murdered by Talons, who then impersonated his messenger to lure Garrett to the lonely house for an ambush. Luckily, he was accompanied by Johan, who helped him defeat the shapeshifting attackers.


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